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Apartments Near UCF

Looking to find an apartment near UCF? You came to the right spot. Our team has taken the time to organize a list of all apartments close to the University of Central Florida.

List of Apartments near UCF

ApartmentAddressDistance to UCF
The Quad10200 University Blvd Orlando, FL 328173.7 Miles
Plaza on University12101 University Boulevard, Orlando, FL 328170.5 Miles
The Marquee
12100 Sterling University Lane, Orlando, FL 328260.6 Miles
Collegiate Village Inn 11850 University Blvd, Orlando, FL 328171.3 Miles
Knights Circle – UCF12440 Golden Knight Cir, Orlando, FL 328171.4 Miles
The StationPark Rd and Alafaya Trail1.5 Miles
Tivoli4284 Spoleto Cir, Oviedo, FL 327651.6 Miles
The Verge11841 Jefferson Commons Cir, Orlando, FL 328261.7 Miles
Arden Villas3303 Arden Villas Blvd, Orlando, FL 328171.8 Miles
Boardwalk at Alafaya Trail 11801 Boardwalk Dr, Orlando FL, 32826.1.8 Miles
The Place at Alafaya11600 MacKay Blvd, Orlando, FL 328261.9 Miles
University Apartments12017 Solon Dr, Orlando, FL 328261.9 Miles
Knight’s Landing3074 Southern Pine Trail, Orlando, FL 328262.0 Miles
Campus Crossings at Alafaya 12024 Royal Wulff Ln, Orlando, FL 328172.0 Miles
College Station
12100 Renaissance Ct, Orlando, FL 328262.1 Miles
Northgate Lakes1389 Northgate Cir, Oviedo, FL 327652.2 Miles
University House3200 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 328262.3 Miles
Village at Science Drive2913 Einstein Way, Orlando, FL 328262.3 Miles
The Pointe at Central UCF Affiliated Housing2635 College Knight Ct, Orlando, FL 328262.4 Miles
Riverwind at Alafaya Trail100 Riverwind Way, Oviedo, FL 327652.4 Miles
Mercury 31003100 Alafaya Club Dr, Orlando, FL 328172.7 Miles
Heather Glen10801 Heather Ridge Cir, Orlando, FL 328172.8 Miles
Hub on Campus12401 E Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 328263.1 Miles
The Lofts
1805 Loftway Cir, Orlando, FL 328263.2 Miles
The Retreat at Orlando11037 Retreat Ave. Orlando, FL 328173.5 Miles
Orion On Orpington12700 Orpington St, Orlando, FL 328263.5 Miles
Mission Bay3378 Mission Lake Dr, Orlando, FL 328173.9 Miles
Polos East at Waterford1700 Woodbury Rd, Orlando, FL 328283.9 Miles
Waterford Pointe12900 Waterford Wood Cir, Orlando, FL 328284.1 Miles
Ashton at Waterford Lakes
12137 Ashton Manor Way, Orlando, FL 328284.1 Miles
Cypress Lakes at Waterford 13001 Lake Cypress Cir, Orlando, FL 328284.2 Miles
East Lake Apartments10237 Eastern Lake Ave, Orlando, FL 328174.2 Miles
Alafaya Woods407 Alafaya Woods Blvd, Oviedo, FL 327654.4 Miles
Cricket Club Apartments 1641 Cricket Club Cir, Orlando, FL 328284.4 Miles
Highpoint Club11100 Point Sylvan Cir, Orlando, FL 328254.5 Miles
Victoria Place Apartments12612 Victoria Pl Cir, Orlando, FL 328284.7 Miles
Barrington Place2785 Chaddsford Cir, Oviedo, FL 327654.8 Miles
River Park Apartments2211 River Park Cir, Orlando, FL 328174.9 Miles
Tortuga Bay at Waterford12932 Mallory Cir, Orlando, FL 328284.9 Miles
Waterford East Apartments13000 Island Bay Dr, Orlando, FL 328285.0 Miles
Century Waterford Lakes12101 Fountainbrook Blvd, Orlando, FL 328255.3 Miles
Loma Vista5200 Loma Vista Cir, Oviedo, FL 327655.3 Miles
Elmhurst Village5691 Elmhurst Cir, Oviedo, FL 327655.5 Miles
Cypress Club700 Egret Landing Pl, Orlando, FL 328255.6 Miles
Oviedo Grove1600 Oviedo Grove Cir, Oviedo, FL 327655.6 Miles
Oviedo Town Centre450 Fontana Cir, Oviedo, FL 327655.7 Miles
Hunter’s Ridge3733 N Goldenrod Rd, Winter Park, FL 327925.9 Miles
River Reach Apartments1628 River Reach Dr, Orlando, FL 328286.0 Miles
Cranes Landing3440 N Goldenrod Rd, Winter Park, FL 327926.2 Miles
Branchwood Apartments7785 Branchwood Lane North, Winter Park, FL 327926.3 Miles
Calibre Bend3924 Calibre Bend Lane, Winter Park, FL 327926.4 Miles
Pine Harbour10600 Bloomfield Dr, Orlando, FL 328256.5 Miles
Heritage Estates11701 Heritage Estates Avenue Orlando, FL 328256.6 Miles
Waterside Apartments7950 Shoals Dr, Orlando, FL 328176.8 Miles
Grandeville on Avalon Park
525 Loyola Cir, Orlando, FL 328286.8 Miles
Colonial Pointe 2300 Econ Cir, Orlando, FL 328176.9 Miles
Golden Oaks7701 Acorn Woods Cr, Winter Park, FL 327926.9 Miles
Avalon ReserveAvalon Reserve Blvd, Orlando, FL 328287.1 Miles
Tuscany at Aloma
6999 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 327927.2 Miles
7 Central7000 University Blvd, Winter Park, FL 327927.2 Miles
Sun Key Apartments7502 Sun Key Blvd, Winter Park, FL 327927.2 Miles
The Park at Sutton Place3935 Sutton Pl Blvd, Winter Park, FL 327927.3 Miles
The Woodlands604 Laurel Cove Ct, Orlando, FL 328257.3 Miles
Wisper Palms
13308 Wisper Palms Way, Orlando, FL 328287.4 Miles
Tuscany Villas3656 N Goldenrod Rd, Winter Park, FL 327927.5 Miles
Berkshires at Winter Park5 Autumn Breeze Way, Winter Park, FL 327927.5 Miles
Tealwood Parke4704 Lucier Ct, Winter Park, FL 327927.6 Miles
Wentworth Apartments10200 Dylan St, Orlando, FL 328257.9 Miles
Carlton Arms300 Jamestown Dr, Winter Park, FL 327927.9 Miles
Azure3650 Summer Wind Dr, Winter Park, FL 327928.1 Miles
Oak Reserve541 Oak Reserve Ln, Winter Park, FL 327928.1 Miles
Valencia Trace101 Grande Valencia Dr, Orlando, FL 328258.3 Miles
Bishop Park3250 Bishop Park Dr, Winter Park, FL 327928.3 Miles
SunBay Apartments7001 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 327928.4 Miles
Knightsbridge at Stoneybrook2802 Cheval St, Orlando, FL 328288.5 Miles
Valencia Park532 Park Tree Terrace, Orlando, FL 328258.5 Miles
La Aloma Apartments3040 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 327928.7 Miles
Valencia Forest Apartments8413 Valencia Village Ln, Orlando, FL 328258.7 Miles
Villa Valencia8100 Claire Ann Dr, Orlando, FL 328258.8 Miles
Nob Hill600 N Semoran Blvd, Winter Park, FL 327928.9 Miles
Windrift Apartments949 Crowsnest Cir, Orlando, FL 328258.9 Miles
Indigo Apartments220 S Semoran Blvd, Winter Park, FL 327929.0 Miles
Seabrook Apartments3114 Terry Brook Dr, Winter Park, FL 327929.2 Miles
Whisper Lake Apartments3250 Whisper Lake Ln, Winter Park, FL 327929.2 Miles
Winter Park Pointe
800 Semoran Park Dr, Winter Park, FL 327929.2 Miles
Baldwin Park Apartments2055 Lake Baldwin Ln, Orlando, FL 328149.2 Miles
Howell Crossing2890 Red Lion Square, Winter Park, FL 327929.2 Miles
Winter Park Oaks325 Balfour Dr, Winter Park, FL 327929.3 Miles
Andovert1743 Semoran North Cir, Winter Park, FL 327929.5 Miles
Signal Pointe2500 Howell Branch Rd, Winter Park, FL 327929.7 Miles
StonecastleNew Stonecastle Terrace, Winter Park, FL 327929.7 Miles
Sedgefield Apartments100 Sedgefield Cir, Winter Park, FL 327929.8 Miles
Sorrento Apartments5480 Ensor Terrace, Winter Park, FL 327929.8 Miles
San Jose Apartments2353 Winter Woods Blvd, Winter Park, FL 327929.9 Miles
The Flats at Avalon Park3680 Avalon Park E Blvd, Orlando, FL 3282810.0 Miles
Park East Knowles311 N Knowles Ave, Winter Park, FL 3278910.9 Miles

*Distance is based on approximate distance from the UCF Apartment to the UCF Student Union.

Now, as you look for an apartment near UCF, you are stepping into a brand new world of responsibility and excitement. You will be responsible for your own meals, cooking and cleaning, tending to your bathroom and other cleaning within the apartment. You will also not have someone like an RA looking over your shoulder on the weekends making sure that any parties you have are controlled and within the rules of the university.

You will be learning about how to live on your own in apartments near UCF. You will also be learning how to manage your budget and determine how close or how far away from campus you would like to live. Many college students find that living in an apartment by UCF is ideal because the friends they make during the first couple of years will spread out around campus. You want to remain close enough to them to still have relationships with them, right? Of course you do. Apartments near UCF offers you a wide selection of locations around campus.