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UCF Off Campus Housing

Benefits of UCF Off Campus Housing

College is about learning who you are, making life-long friends, and unforgettable memories. That being said, these things are hard to do when you’re stuck in a dorm or apartment on campus. Part of living off campus is to get the freedom to live your college life the way to want. With so many apartments in the area, there is nothing holding you back. Stepping into the world of apartment living is an important and exciting step for any college student. Living in the right apartment can make the entire college experience that much more amazing and wonderful, leaving you filled with memories you’ll be able to share for the rest of your life. When you’re ready to live in UCF off campus housing, is all you need to know to Find a Place Fit for a Knight!

Looking for UCF Off Campus Housing

Make sure to look weeks, even months in advance for an off campus rental. Housing near a major university such as the University of Central Florida (UCF) can go very fast. The longer you wait, the fewer options you will have. A few questions to ask to get you started: What’s my budget? Do I need roommates? What area should I live in? What amenities am I looking for? Once you can answer these questions you can get your search started. There are many useful resources online to find an off campus apartment or home, and your University may also have information available for students looking to live in off campus housing.

UCF Off Campus Housing Options

Nearby the UCF area, there are many Student Apartments, along with hundreds or “traditional” apartments throughout the Orlando area. Besides apartments, homes, condos or town homes may also be an option. Most Student Apartments offer individual leasing, include utilities and furniture; whereas other options such as conventional apartments, homes or condos, you will be responsible for the entire lease, all utilities and providing your own furniture. All are great options, but Student Apartments are generically an easy, affordable and safe option; most also offer extra amenities geared specifically towards students.

Finding a Place Fit for a Knight

Living in UCF off campus housing is entirely different from on campus living. Some things you take for granted may not be available when living in off campus housing. To make sure you get everything you are looking for, put together a checklist to figure out what exactly you are looking to find in your Off-Campus apartment. What amenities would you like? Do you need a washer and dryer in unit? Are utilities included? Is there transportation to campus? Are Security or gates for safety available?

Check out the UCF Rental Check List to help in your UCF off campus housing search.

Knowing Your Rights & Responsibilities

Because you are a student, and this is most likely your first place on your own, it is very important to know what rights you have as a renter and the responsibilities your need to uphold in the community. The Fair Housing Act states that your landlord cannot refuse to rent to you based on your race, gender, religion, age, and more. If you are denied a UCF off campus housing property for one of these reasons, be sure to contact a legal adviser, or even your University’s legal services. Your landlord must keep your property current with all health, housing and building codes too. If you feel you have been treated unfairly, or have any other concerns regarding your landlord, such as fraud, scams, or code violations, you should again, contact a legal adviser or your University’s legal services as soon as possible.

You also have responsibilities to uphold, just like your landlord. You should keep your rental clean, make sure everything is in proper working order and if it is not, have it repaired. Respect your neighbors, especially when having a party, and keep the noise level down. Simply treat others in your community how you would like to be treated and respected, and remember that even though you are living in off campus housing, you are still representing your University.

Transportation & Safety

Now that you are living in UCF off campus housing you will need to find a way onto campus, and this will affect the location of your apartment, depending on what transportation you will have. Is a UCF Shuttle available to you? Public transportation? Do you have a car, will you bike or even walk? Off-Campus shuttle services are only available to the UCF Student apartments, stopping by a few times every hour and dropping off on-campus. Public transportation is available everywhere, but you will be responsible to find the correct routes and pickup times. If you can walk or bike, make sure you live close by the campus, and provide yourself enough time to get to class. If you have a car, then you have a few more options, but don’t forget about the expensive parking passes you will need to buy in order to park on campus and increasing gas prices.

Safety is important when getting to campus, especially if you are walking or biking. You should also be ware of other safety issues pertaining to your UCF off campus housing community and around the University area. Ask to have your apartment re-keyed so you know that no one else will have a key. Make sure all your windows and doors are locked at all times, including your car. Have phone numbers for your community’s emergencies, local fire and police department. Your University should provide all this information online or around campus.